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WFTF on Reality is Real Radio Show (Nov. 2, 2015)

WFTF member, Be Wise, was on the KPFK radio debut of Reality Is Real radio show; a show giving you hip-hop and cultural news you won’t find swimming through the mainstream. Check out the segment below and stay wise! Check out Reality Is Real online: http://realityisreal.com/category/podcasts/realityisrealradio/

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Why We Must Return To Our Communties

“… I remember a man I knew well. We were right in the middle of a period of drought. To avoid starvation, several families from his village collected the little money they had left and gave him the job of going to Ouagadougou to buy food… On arrival, he had a brutal and painful encounter […]

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We Suffer From Violence Too: Breaking the Silence on Violence Against Black Women

Written By: Betty Rosenda Green, WFTF Family Member   Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice is facing a two-game suspension but it is his earlier physical assault of his former fiancée in an elevator that has brought the media’s attention back to domestic violence. Domestic violence is pervasive within American society. Black Women are murdered […]

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Harry Belafonte Says Black Celebrities Have “Turned Their Back” on Social Responsibility

Harry Belafonte, legendary entertainer and activist extraordinaire, sat down recently with the Hollywood Reporter for an interview. In this thought provoking interview, Belafonte speaks on how “the enemy” (aka oppression) has become less obvious and more elusive. Whereas in his day it was easier to pin-point the “No Niggers” signs and torch-bearing racist mobs, today […]

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9-Year Old Detroit Young’un Raises Over 3K For His Community

Sometimes you hear a story that gives you hope for the future; A story that reminds you that what you are dreaming of is indeed achievable. The story that has done this for me is that of my dude Joshua Smith, a 9-year old bratha from Detroit. Today Detroit sits on top of a $200 […]

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Field News: A Handcuffed Chavis Carter Shoots Himself in the Head?

Do this for me: put your arms behind your back as if handcuffed. Now imagine that you somehow got a concealed gun from its well-hidden into your hands. Lastly, attempt to aim and fire said imaginary gun at your right temple. For those of us who are not double-jointed this proves to be a difficult […]

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Guilty As Charged: Portrait of an American Mother

My peeps out in the various Fields n such. I wanted to quickly shed some light on a case from Ohio last year. Meet Kelley Williams-Bolar, a single mother who last year was put in jail for wanting the best for her children. After their house was broken into in 2006, Bolar realized the plight […]

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Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?

  Who taught you to hate yourself? With your big lips, round hips, and big nose Don’t you know they get clip clipped and snip snipped to have all of those They desperately seek the sun While away from it you run Hating your dark skin as if you want to be one…Of them On […]

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The Field Bratha and Our Duty to Our Women

I have a little sister who is fast approaching womanhood. Nearing the age of 17 years old, I stand in a difficult position. She is no longer the little baby in my 6-year-old arms in the picture sitting on my bookshelf; the cute birthday hats are no more and she is now the young woman […]

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Field History Profile: the Lowndes County Freedom Organization aka the Original Black Panther Party

Lowndes County, Alabama was a small county which consisted of about 15,000 people in 1966. During this time, its racial make-up was 80% so-called Negroes and merely 20% white, however, the entire county was controlled by whites. Statistics from 1960 reveal that while there were only 1,900 possible white voters, 118% of these whites voted. […]

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