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Why We Must Return To Our Communties

“… I remember a man I knew well. We were right in the middle of a period of drought. To avoid starvation, several families from his village collected the little money they had left and gave him the job of going to Ouagadougou to buy food… On arrival, he had a brutal and painful encounter […]

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Notes on Context & Perspective: Why Afrikan People Must Understand and Control Their Own

Context is everything. Context is what makes those lost in the bombing of American cities victims of terrorism while the innocent lost in drone strikes overseas are “necessary casualties.” They who control the context of any event in history ultimately control the public perception of said event both domestically and internationally. For example, let’s say […]

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WFTF at Gardena High School for STEM Panel!

What’s up community? WFTF is dedicated to remaining visible to the youth following in our footsteps, whether this be in the streets or in the classroom. On November 14th at Gardena High School, Black Skeptics Los Angeles and the Women’s Leadership Project will sponsor a seminar that examines the lack of Black folk in the fields of […]

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What We Must Do In Response To The School Closures

In 2013 there is an attack on the Black man and woman in the United States of America. I’ve never felt more confident saying this in my lifetime than I do now but I don’t say it out of fear. I don’t say it in fear because we have been here before. There was a […]

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Are Black Women Asking for It?

I was dancing with my girlfriends at a party last weekend when I felt a hand quickly slither up my thighs and grab my vagina. I turned around and violently attacked the stranger who assumed that he was privileged to my body. When mutual friends convinced me to calm down and speak to him, I […]

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Yo Po-Po, Can I Live?

*Dedicated to Rodney King (April 2, 1965 – June 17, 2012)* Someone tell me why is it that when I drive around in my little Chevy Cav, I tense up a little when I see Po-Po behind me. I have no contraband, no weapons, no drugs, no motive, and no priors to cause my muscles […]

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Field History Profile: Black-Folk and the War of 1812

What’s good everyone out there in The Field? Today I thought I’d learn a little history lesson and bring you along with me. I found an article earlier discussing the role of Blacks in the War of 1812 and I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, I see the War of 1812 having one purpose, American expansionism. […]

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God, Obama, and Kool-Aid

I call it “the recipe for complacency” and for all of you squeamish folks out there, no, this is neither an attack on God, Obama, nor Kool-Aid for that matter. It is an attack on the complacency… excuse me, “patience,” that I’ve been criticized for not having: I have seen Obama speak out on gay […]

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From Desk To Cell: One Youth’s Green-Brick Road to Prison

 Here’s the (hypothetical) story : Emmett Till was just born in a hospital somewhere in The Field. His mother passed away during birth and he is being raised by a single father. His father did not graduate high school because he had to drop out to support his new family. He is now employed in […]

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Congrats To The Sankofa Scholarship Applicants

Congrats to the entire King/Drew graduating class of 2012, who received over $5 million in Scholarships. Located not far from the historic Watts Towers, King/Drew is truly a diamond in the rough and seeing all the students at the Senior Awards Night tonight was amazing and refreshing. Special congrats to the applicants and winners of the Spirit […]

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