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Why We Must Return To Our Communties

“… I remember a man I knew well. We were right in the middle of a period of drought. To avoid starvation, several families from his village collected the little money they had left and gave him the job of going to Ouagadougou to buy food… On arrival, he had a brutal and painful encounter […]

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Natural Selection and “Super(Black)Man”

What would you say if I told you that Jews are better than average with money because during the Holocaust they had to hide their money and valuables from German Nazi soldiers? Or maybe that Asians are so smart due to the historical wide-spread usage of Asian sweatshop-labor practices to mass produce the latest technological […]

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Yo Po-Po, Can I Live?

*Dedicated to Rodney King (April 2, 1965 – June 17, 2012)* Someone tell me why is it that when I drive around in my little Chevy Cav, I tense up a little when I see Po-Po behind me. I have no contraband, no weapons, no drugs, no motive, and no priors to cause my muscles […]

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Debunking the Debunking of the Myth: Blacks, Prisons, Colleges

I recently saw a picture going around on Facebook addressing the age-old myth in The Field that there are more Black men in prison than there are in college. According to the picture (seen above), there are 824,340 Black men in prison or Jail while there are 1,444,979 Black men in college. While these numbers […]

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Field History Profile: Black-Folk and the War of 1812

What’s good everyone out there in The Field? Today I thought I’d learn a little history lesson and bring you along with me. I found an article earlier discussing the role of Blacks in the War of 1812 and I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, I see the War of 1812 having one purpose, American expansionism. […]

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God, Obama, and Kool-Aid

I call it “the recipe for complacency” and for all of you squeamish folks out there, no, this is neither an attack on God, Obama, nor Kool-Aid for that matter. It is an attack on the complacency… excuse me, “patience,” that I’ve been criticized for not having: I have seen Obama speak out on gay […]

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From Desk To Cell: One Youth’s Green-Brick Road to Prison

 Here’s the (hypothetical) story : Emmett Till was just born in a hospital somewhere in The Field. His mother passed away during birth and he is being raised by a single father. His father did not graduate high school because he had to drop out to support his new family. He is now employed in […]

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Congrats To The Sankofa Scholarship Applicants

Congrats to the entire King/Drew graduating class of 2012, who received over $5 million in Scholarships. Located not far from the historic Watts Towers, King/Drew is truly a diamond in the rough and seeing all the students at the Senior Awards Night tonight was amazing and refreshing. Special congrats to the applicants and winners of the Spirit […]

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Lupe on Obama

From Langston Hughes to Lupe Fiasco, it has been evidenced time and again that art forms are often the most effective modes of expression. Manning Marable maintains that “Probably the greatest intuitive insights I achieved came from those writers who are the most removed form social science—the poets.” – .  It is this influence that […]

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I Am

I am America’s redheaded stepchild The dark skinded fly on the wall The political scapegoat I am the bastard child it created The insinuation of inferiority The rebelling teenager inciting fear in the governmental superiority I am …your worst nightmare The system raped my mother Birthing years of struggle, buckets of tears, and zeros of […]

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