America Ain’t Worth It, Let’s Build Something Else

Black people in the United States are a colonized people. In colonialism, the oppressed group is placed in a position of underprivilege and shame for its culture and is forced to view the colonizer’s culture as their only means for acceptance in society. Once colonized, the affected peoples’ culture, traditions, spirituality, language, and the meanings […]

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WFTF on Reality is Real Radio Show (Nov. 2, 2015)

WFTF member, Be Wise, was on the KPFK radio debut of Reality Is Real radio show; a show giving you hip-hop and cultural news you won’t find swimming through the mainstream. Check out the segment below and stay wise! Check out Reality Is Real online:

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Why We Must Return To Our Communties

“… I remember a man I knew well. We were right in the middle of a period of drought. To avoid starvation, several families from his village collected the little money they had left and gave him the job of going to Ouagadougou to buy food… On arrival, he had a brutal and painful encounter […]

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Edo People, The Benin Empire, and African Culture For Blacks in America (Part 1)

You are from where? From Nigeria   How long were you in Nigeria before you moved? I mean, I grew up there; I was born and raised in Nigeria. Then I lived in Europe for a very long time, for about 13 years. So I basically grew up in Europe and Nigeria. But Nigeria, Nigeria […]

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From Will Brown To Michael Brown: The Historic Success of the American Justice System

The 13th amendment to the United State Constitution states the following: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” Immediately we must note the inherent contradiction present in this historic document. […]

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On Black Political Naivete, Optimism, and Why We Can’t Afford Another Civil Rights Movement

“I must confess that that dream that I had that day, has at many points turned into a nightmare.  Now I’m not one to lose hope.  I keep on hoping.  I still have faith in the future.  But I’ve had to analyze many things over the last few years, and I would say over the […]

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We Suffer From Violence Too: Breaking the Silence on Violence Against Black Women

Written By: Betty Rosenda Green, WFTF Family Member   Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice is facing a two-game suspension but it is his earlier physical assault of his former fiancée in an elevator that has brought the media’s attention back to domestic violence. Domestic violence is pervasive within American society. Black Women are murdered […]

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“Willie Lynch” by Paul Robinson, Mental Emancipation Through Rap

Peace all you folks out in The Fields, We want to send a shout-out to everyone who made “From Slavery To… Slavery: The Black Experience In Images“ our most viewed article of 2013. With that, we want to introduce you to fan of music and hip-hop soldier  Paul Robinson aka PR. A devout Christian and man […]

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Notes on Context & Perspective: Why Afrikan People Must Understand and Control Their Own

Context is everything. Context is what makes those lost in the bombing of American cities victims of terrorism while the innocent lost in drone strikes overseas are “necessary casualties.” They who control the context of any event in history ultimately control the public perception of said event both domestically and internationally. For example, let’s say […]

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From Slavery To… Slavery: The Black Experience In America

   The first Afrikans taken by Europeans to the land that would become the United States came here on this, “The Good Ship Jesus”   We were subjected to inhumane conditions so…    At every chance we got, we fought! The first generations of Afrikans brought here were NOT slaves; they were AFRIKANS wanting to […]

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