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We Suffer From Violence Too: Breaking the Silence on Violence Against Black Women

Written By: Betty Rosenda Green, WFTF Family Member   Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice is facing a two-game suspension but it is his earlier physical assault of his former fiancée in an elevator that has brought the media’s attention back to domestic violence. Domestic violence is pervasive within American society. Black Women are murdered […]

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Meet Lovell, The First Official Member of WFTF!

Everyone, I am proud to announce that Wisdom From The Field has found its first member! Since making the transition from online blog to active community organization (plus blog), building a strong membership base in the community is of great importance. Today, we introduce you to someone who may be a familiar face for those […]

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The ComeUnity Diaper Giveaway Program Continues Strong!

Whassup my peoples? Our Diaper Giveaway Program, a part of our ComeUnity Campaign to bring unity to our community, kicked off a couple weeks ago and is going stronger than ever. The response from the people has been fantastic and the roots of empowerment can already be seen to be sprouting in our lovely neighborhoods. […]

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A Look At Last Night’s Rebellion In Los Angeles (VIDEO) – 7/14/13

The video below was recorded by the one and only known as Zoey De La Creme, one of WFTF’s own 2013 Spirit of Sankofa Scholars. Enjoy this look into last night’s protests and the narrative below. Here’s what happened last night in Los Angeles: A variety of members and representatives of various organizations along with […]

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WFTF Interview on 90.7FM KPFK (Flip The Script Radio Show)

This past Monday, WFTF member, Brandon Be, was interviewed on 90.7fm KPFK’s radio show “Flip The Script” with riKu Matsuda and Vida Starr. If you missed the show last night, you can check out the audio below to find out a little more about WFTF, how we got started, why we do the work we do, […]

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Community Business Spotlights: Hair Gets Kinky When Wet, Menogu Designs, Nouri Bar

Whaddup all you folks out in these various Fields? We had to take some time out to introduce you to some great businesses run by some entrepreneurs with familiar faces. Without a doubt you’ll find one, if not all of them, very useful sources of info and products. Check them out below! On a MOVE! […]

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Congratulations to the 2013 Spirit of Sankofa Scholars!

Sankofa is a word of Ghanaian origin, which teaches us to look to our past and pave the way for those following behind us as we move towards our own future. I started the Spirit of Sankofa Scholarship last year to find those students who, like me in high school, have a true compassion for […]

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Are Black Women Asking for It?

I was dancing with my girlfriends at a party last weekend when I felt a hand quickly slither up my thighs and grab my vagina. I turned around and violently attacked the stranger who assumed that he was privileged to my body. When mutual friends convinced me to calm down and speak to him, I […]

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Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Video)

We at Wisdom From The Field would like to wish a happy birthday to one of the world-renown martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement and soldiers of service to our community, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is only appropriate that we share what may be one of his most heart touching, motivational, and pride […]

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More Than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City [PART 3]

I was reading my local newspaper this morning when I happened to stumble across an article, which detailed the demographics of a group of individuals, a pair of crimes that they were suspected of committing, and the subsequent charges that have been brought forth against these individuals by law enforcement personnel and other justice administrators […]

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