“Willie Lynch” by Paul Robinson, Mental Emancipation Through Rap

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We want to send a shout-out to everyone who made “From Slavery To… Slavery: The Black Experience In Images our most viewed article of 2013. With that, we want to introduce you to fan of music and hip-hop soldier
album_thumbnail_PR  Paul Robinson aka PR. A devout Christian and man of God, Robinson started the Stop Sinnin’ Movement to use his musical talents to spread his message and story of redemption to misdirected youth like himself growing up. In the words of his camp, Couffe Music, “Paul uses any opportunity such as this, to get the Stop Sinnin Movement name out there, and share the love of Jesus Christ with anyone who will listen.” But not only is he putting his faith to good use and opening doors for the generations behind him, he’s also opening minds through the Willie Lynch Movement being spearheaded by his project entitled “Willie Lynch” below. In the lyrics and video you will find Robinson vividly touches on every key element of our exposé of American propaganda and cultural brainwashing; from the distortion of Afrika’s image to the media attack on Dave Chappelle:

From the start of the song you’re forced into a head nodding vibration as the sample of Doris & Kelley’s You Don’t Have To Worry hits you. This is the same sample the hip-hop heads will remember from Common’s ether filled track, Sweet from a couple years ago. Suddenly, just when the mellow/lazy vibe of the music pulls you in, PR hops on the track and sets the tone for the remaining 3:30 of the song with “live in a world where they kill kids to make a point.” Bar after bar we are taken on a journey deeper and deeper into the methods used to program impoverished communities for self-destruction while the media sensationalizes it as proof that we are somehow to blame for our imagesown suffering. “Sound familiar, errrbody got a story like it…” The regularity of the vivid stories and experiences described by his lyrics adds another layer to the impact factor of the track. It speaks volumes to the lack of progress the nation has made when addressing the fact that whether played in 1955 (the year of Emmett Till’s lynching) or 2012 (the year of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Darius Simmons’ lynchings) each bar in the song is just as relevant.

“If you a father but you ain’t a daddy, that’s Willie Lynch. If you a man who don’t take care of your family, that’s Willie Lynch. Willie Lynch is a mind set we have in the ghetto…” Unlike mainstream analysis of the so-called Willie Lynch Syndrome, PR extends its effects into the family and the role it plays in deteriorating our self image and worth. Then, to tie it all together he provides a powerful use of historical imagery in the music video to provide visuals for each concept or accusation presented in his fiery delivery. All in all, this is a track that demands attention, and even further, demands its listener to do their own research on the topics presented in the project. WFTF is all about supporting the real and we want to give a special shout-out to our fellow Mental Emancipator Paul Robinson and the whole Couffe Music crew!

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