From Slavery To… Slavery: The Black Experience In America


 The first Afrikans taken by Europeans to the land that would become the United States came here on this,
“The Good Ship Jesus”

Good Ship Jesus


We were subjected to inhumane conditions so…

going down


 At every chance we got, we fought! The first generations of Afrikans brought here were NOT slaves; they were AFRIKANS wanting to rip the head off their kidnapper and return home. So…

we fought


After we rebelled, we were punished to instill in us this new identity as slaves for the benefit of our White oppressors.



Afrikan women weren’t safe either…

women not off limits


So eventually after enough reminding and our children being born into these conditions, the Afrikans would simply become slaves. The US government destroyed any knowledge of our homeland and anytime we spoke our languages, held onto our cultures, or got out of line…



 They did this…



But we still fought! We still rebelled!




 Until this came and made us think “Change” was going to come!
(Sounds familiar don’t it?)

So we tried to play their game too! But when we did, we were degraded using political imagery such as the one below. The Afrikan brotha’s head is shaped to look like Afrika. But why and how was this a degrading act? As the European (and Americans) knew, Afrika is rich and that’s why THEY CAME TO US… not the other way around. But there was a new strategy to enslave and exploit the Afrikans now that abolition had kinda won…

Platform cartoon


If we can portray Afrika as this to people:



Instead of this
(Ethiopian waterfall… in Afrika)



Then I could make you hate the place that’s so rich and vast so that I can do this:

the reason


Next I need to make you want to change your identity, so I change you from this:
(King Piye, Kushite king and founder of the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt)



To this:
(Jim Crow, the image that started it all…)

Jim crow


 From this:
(Queen Tiye the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III, mother of Akhenaten and grandmother of Tutankhamun aka King Tut)



To this:

Racist cartoon 1


And of course our youth from this:
(Tutankhamun aka King Tut, the 9 year old Pharoh of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty and grandchild of Tiye)



To this:



 So that now, you don’t see yourself as ever being great warriors and rulers like King Piye here:



But simply this.. always and forever:

Africans 1


So that they can without argument take what you were, aka this:



And claim it as their own like this:

Saint George


Then the only people to look up to without being labelled some derogatory term are those who colored in the lines.



But they won’t mention what happened when he went out of line; especially not during that presidential inauguration featuring the bible they themselves shot from his powerful and courageous hands.



But the key to brainwashing is repetition. The key is reinforcement of whatever ideals or beliefs you are trying to make stick. Luckily, Warner Bros, MGM, Universal, and the major media outlets are on the job.



So they can make cartoons like these to teach not just our youth, but the youth of the nation and world even. To teach them of the narrative that best suits their exploits.

African drums


They even bring America’s Sweetheart, Buggs Bunny in on the Blackface fun!

buggs racist


And it worked! How do we know? Well Warner bros. has remained consistent and true to their roots. Taking this lovable and blinged out character:

Blink oldschool


Starting a record label:



Cutting these brothas a check to be a subsidiary
(making them think they running something with “their own label”:



So it can all come around full circle:



Now, not only will we not complain or feel personally affected by this:

the reason


We’ll be practically begging them to keep doing it so they can repackage our own stuff, and sell it to us in the form of 2Chainz (please recognize the double entendre):



Now the task comes in further defining each aspect of our lives by controlling what we see. Knowing who decides what we see or don’t see on TV/film is much more important than who’s making it (As I will remind you in a moment). Black people in this country have historically wanted one thing: to live and have a good time. But who is defining that Good Time and what it is to us?



Damn, how did it get to the point that “scratchin’ and survivin'” would be considered a good time? Hell, and even then we’d be lucky to get em! Well, lets turn to our roots and find out:



Nooo, not those roots. That’s Imhotep, the builder of the first pyramid, father of medicine, architect, and all around multi-genius from over 4500 years ago. I’m talking about THESE roots:



That’s right, because if I showed you that THIS was you right here:



They’d have to do me like they did this brotha right here:



So now that the images and narrative are in place in Black and white minds alike, when someone makes false accusation against a Black man, it’s believed by those with power. Now we can get away with things like this:
(The Omaha Race Riot of 1919 featuring the lynching of Will Brown)



And this:
(The lynching of Emmett Till)



So that 57 years later, someone can get away with this murder:



And stories like this are believed…

Chavis Carter2


Because the narrative presented through today’s media is consistent with the historical media narrative:



So it makes the unbelievable not only believable, but justifyable:

Chavis Carter Drugs


Because our neighborhoods are full of crime and that is the front page story and picture desired to distract you from the real stories. Now ask yourself how else could this be the highlight story when to its left is “Afgans Demand That US Admit Military Errors.” No accident…

NYT Front Page


Damn, now we seemingly don’t even want to better ourselves. Hell we’re “avoiding” college! But what about the fact that UC Berkeley only admitted a total of 1,539 Black students from 2006-2010.  Doing independent research we see that 654 of those admitted actually enrolled, giving Black students a 42.4% yield rate. This is HIGHER than the 39% average yield that the University gets from ALL applicants.

In other words, we are more likely tha the general population to enroll if we are accepted meaning… UC BERKELEY IS AVOIDING BLACK STUDENTS, not the other way around,  and the title of this article should be changed:

Berkeley Avoid


Then of course, there is “change” and it’s enough to keep the pot from boiling over. But before you get too excited and think something really has changed, we gotta remind you of a few things…



Never forget…



Never forget…



Never forget…

(and even though you can argue what this film was “really about,” its title does the job before you even see it. What did we say? Knowing decides what we see or don’t see on TV/film is much more important than who’s making it, who’s in it, or how good a job the actors did)



Never Forget…

images (1)


Ok at this point, you get the picture but still… never forget your roots…

New Roots


Because these roots make this justifiable:



And this…



And this…



And they make this:

images (1)


Somehow worse than this:



Enough so that when you see this:



It’s ok because at the end of the day, this prevails:


Just some thoughts…


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    I like this; the story is good even though the reader needs to know the context around a lot of this to make all of the connections..on the whole though, it’s succinct & powerful-real good stuff brotha man.

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