Meet Lovell, The First Official Member of WFTF!

Everyone, I am proud to announce that Wisdom From The Field has found its first member! Since making the transition from online blog to active community organization (plus blog), building a strong membership base in the community is of great importance. Today, we introduce you to someone who may be a familiar face for those who’ve kept up with the site. Say whaddup to my bratha, my main man, the hippest cowboy on the West Coast, Lovell!


We brought you an in-depth interview with Lovell last year and the response was inspirational. So many people were excited to find out more about this community staple who worked daily to put a smile on their faces while on that long commute home, to work, or any other destination. Lovell, also known to many as “the Crenshaw Cowboy,” can be found right next to the 10-freeway on-ramp with his hat, personalized guitar, and rodeo companion. He considers himself someone who was put here to be a constant reminder to his fellow man and woman to smile and focus on the good in life as opposed to the stress we face on a daily basis. Pull up next to Lovell on a hot summer day and you can expect to hear a kind reminder to “drink lots of water!” or “remember to smile!” Stop at a red light in time and catch this bratha perfecting his dance moves in his sidewalk-show. With his radio giving him energy, and a inspirational spirit giving him rhythm, he also displays inspirational messages on his whiteboard that change everyday.


A couple of weeks ago I left a WFTF pamphlet and membership flyer with Lovell and after checking it out, he told me he’d was highly supportive and would love to be a part of the organization. If that wasn’t enough, he challenged me with something I never really thought about. He told me to read his daily message which said, “Zygotical humans, microcosm… macrocosm. Stop procrastinating. Why put off for tomorrow what can be done today?” He then elaborated on it and challenged me to eliminate the phrase “trying to” from WFTF’s pamphlet and other materials. Then I though about how much stronger it sounds to say “going to” instead. This is the fundamental source of complacency and procrastination. When someone asks us how we’re doing and we reply with “you know man, trying to make it in here,” how confident does that sound? How empowering is that to you or your fellow man? Now try saying “Man, getting on this grind, going to make it in here.” It’s undeniable that there is a different attitude behind the latter. As always, Lovell left me thinking about life a little differently, more empowered, and better prepared to battle with many evils in this society. It was after this conversation that I knew what I would make Lovell in the Wisdom From The Field Organization.

Brothers and Sisters, I present to you Lovell, the Community Empowerment Liaison!


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