The ComeUnity Diaper Giveaway Program Continues Strong!

Whassup my peoples?

Our Diaper Giveaway Program, a part of our ComeUnity Campaign to bring unity to our community, kicked off a couple weeks ago and is going stronger than ever. The response from the people has been fantastic and the roots of empowerment can already be seen to be sprouting in our lovely neighborhoods. For those who don’t know, we started this program to oppose the dependency our community has on outside sources to fulfill our needs. We, WFTF and your community, ¬†won’t make you stand in a long line in a stale building that neither you, nor your children, want to be in; then scrutinize your life story only to tell you that your income was one dollar over the limit to receive a helping hand. Instead we are taking our own resources, however limited they may be, and redistributing them to those in financial need in order to secure the futures of all members of our community, no-questions-asked, no dehumanizing application process to go through. To truly see the beauty of the program and the magic of brother/sisterhood in the community, I want you to meet Joseph:


Joseph is a hard working bratha currently employed in Hollywood. He has an infant daughter and another one on the way who will likely be the future mothers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, community activists, and leaders of our community. He and his family are far from millionaires, but rather than turning to negative sources of financial stability for his family, he practically works the tears from his eyes. We met a couple days ago and hit it off immediately. He’s a chill guy who inspired and motivated me with the way he remains loyal to the straight-and-narrow path despite the experiences he may have had, and the conditions surrounding he and his family. WFTF is honored to have been able to meet such an inspirational and driven man, an example to all of us of strength, courage, and humanity. Let’s hear a little bit from Joseph himself and what he had to say to all of you, the community that has extended its helping hand:

Joseph’s Message To The Community

We’re on a MOVE!

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