A Look At Last Night’s Rebellion In Los Angeles (VIDEO) – 7/14/13

The video below was recorded by the one and only known as Zoey De La Creme, one of WFTF’s own 2013 Spirit of Sankofa Scholars. Enjoy this look into last night’s protests and the narrative below.

Here’s what happened last night in Los Angeles:

A variety of members and representatives of various organizations along with masses of community members gathered in Leimert Park. Though it wasn’t as organized as it could have been, the masses took to the streets and began marching up Crenshaw Blvd from Leimert. Police do not cross lines were subsequently crossed and the masses MOVED up Crenshaw to a soundtrack of horns being honked not in opposition to the blocking of the street, but in support of the protest against injustice. Fists were in the air from every vehicle it seemed and we soon arrived at the Crenshaw/Exposition Metro Line.

A group of us then proceeded to “stand our ground” so-to-speak on the tracks, preventing the passing of trains. In all, Crenshaw Blvd was shut down for approximately 3-4 hours and the Expo train was of course shut down as well. With a perimeter of police officers in front of the crowd and on the two north street corners “controlling” on-lookers, we stood for justice for not only Trayvn Martin, but the larger issue that he represents. Like Emmett Till and many before him, he represents the criminalization of Black people in this country. He represents the system of mass incarceration, unequal education, and general oppression we’ve faced for generations.

The crowd proceeded up Crenshaw until the police flexed their assumed authority and stopped the crowd around Adams where a perimeter was formed. Protesters were not allowed to move forward or back to where they came from and some were shot with rubber bullets. The remainder of the story fizzles out here for me, but the roots were planted and watered. Now we but grow, and build on this.

Last night the masses were awake and it was beautiful. But don’t go to sleep just yet…

We’re on a MOVE!

-Brandon Be
WFTF Member

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