Yasiin Bey Tells You What He “Don’t Like”

Yasiin Bey – ‘I Don’t Like’ (Freestyle)

Yasiin Bey Releases “I Don’t Like (Remix)” (Stream)

For the past several years, Yasiin Bey has made a habit of standing in as your favorite mainstream rapper’s foil, re-purposing stuntastic records for more grounded discussions about weighty topics like poverty, corrupt governments, and the plight of blacks in America (see the incendiary “Niggas in Poorest“). Now Bey has hopped on “I Don’t Like“, calling card of trap rap scion Chief Keef, and the results are what you’d expect. Here’s a handy list of things the artist formerly known as Mos Def doesn’t like:

• “White supremacy”
• “The Bank of America”
• “The way the ghetto living”
• “The top 5 stupid songs on your radio”
• “Small claim corp clowns”
• “And strip club rappers out in broad day with their nipples out”
While some might pan Bey’s tirade here for being self-righteous or bitter, I’d argue that it’s no less abrasive than the song that inspired it. With his gruff delivery, Bey comes off as a veteran soldier determined to keep fighting as the battlefield shifts under his feet. The odds may be against his vision of a better future, but they always have been. Check out Bey’s “I Don’t Like (Remix)” and let us know what you think @DubJ and @WisdomFTF.

Listen to Yasiin Bey’s “I Don’t Like (Remix)” (Stream)

Full Lyrics:
First of all shout and respect to ?
Shout and respect to Lupe Fiasco
Shout out to Mr. West
Shout out to Rasheed Lonnie Lin
King Louie, L.E.P Bogus
Whole Chicago movement
Real Recognize Real

White supremacy, that’s what I don’t like!
Sugar-ass crackers, what I don’t like!
The Bank of America, I don’t like!
When they lynch and cynicism, yeah I don’t like!
I don’t like, I don’t like
The way the ghetto living
Man I don’t like!

[Verse 1]
Got us strapped up in the system, man I don’t like
Ain’t too different from a prison jacket, ain’t right
Ain’t no freedom at the trap, hustler’s everywhere
You could feel it in the air, pure despair
Hungry hands only take when they reaching out
Campaign, smoking, geek up, gun pow
Ugly politicians, new election year
Pretending that they care, they are not sincere
It’s the greedy and the rich ones that make war
That the hungry, young, and poor ones paid for
The little homie stretched out in a coffin
They dying younger, and they dying more often
The rent too high, the wage too low
The top five stupid songs up on your radio
I don’t like
All this cackling and carrying on, I don’t like
All this sucka-ness and scary shit I don’t like
All these Afri-coon Americans, it ain’t right
And that goes to crazy ass crackers
Small claim corp clowns, and strip club rappers
Out in broad day with they nipples out
With they stretch marks, blackheads and pimples out
Yuck, you suck, go away
You’re always talking, and you never got much to say
Yuck, you suck, go away
You’re always crowding space, fix your thirsty face
I don’t like
The way your shoulders looking sound, I don’t like
The way I see ’em getting down, I don’t like
Make you wonder how they get around, it ain’t right
In the land where crooks get to write the laws
But people hide their eyes, and shut their jaws
Who the realest, nevermind
Who doing it for the best, there ain’t lies
What they wearing, who is that?
Ask yourself, why you care?
Somebody going ham on a gossip site
Catching feelings over rumors that are not your life
I don’t like
Sometimes I even hate
But not the people, their acts and ways
I don’t like, sometimes I even hate
Lord forgive, let us pray
For pussy posers, dummy greed
Polluted seas, them whacky weeds
Nazi police, wasted time
It’s only recruitment, legal crime
I don’t like
Rebuke, forgive, and pray for these fake niggas

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