For The Field Ladies: D’Angelo’s Dreamin’ Eyes Are Back

So How Does It Feel that it has been since you ladies felt as sweet as Brown Sugar as you give your man a Jonz In His Bones. Fellas, how long as it been since you seen your Spanish Joint? Cuz I know all of you Feel Like Makin Love and tasting eachother’s Devil’s Pie.

Well, we got news from The Field that you might  be easing right back into the mellow grooves of someone who was once called the modern day Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo, makes a comeback. In a recent article in GQ, we see something we thought we’d never see again: a slimmed down, drug free, well minded, and optimistic D’Angelo, ready to make a comeback.

After falling victim to the negatives surrounding him, Michael “D’Angelo” Archer is quoted here in an excerpt from a recent article published in GQ:

  • “What finally made him see, he says, was the passing of J Dilla, the revered hip-hop producer, on February 10, 2006. They’d just talked on the phone, D’Angelo says, when suddenly, J Dilla was gone at 32 after a long battle with lupus. It was like a blinding light had been switched on. Why did so many black artists die so young? He’d been haunted by this thought for years. Marvin. Jimi. Biggie. “I felt like I was going to be next. I ain’t bullshitting. I was scared then,” he says, recalling how shame engulfed him, preventing him from attending the funeral. “’I was so fucked-up, I couldn’t go.’”Read More

Now most recently we see the loss of one of our great historical figures in Rodney King this past Father’s Day. It has become more and more evident that not even our greats are immortal, as D’Angelo realized, so we must do what we can to maintain. This is a great story of rehabilitation and we wanna give a shout-out to D’Angelo From The Field!

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