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Wisdom From The Field (WFTF) is a grassroots organization taking power over our communities and putting it in the hands of the people. We are achieving this goal by redefining Black culture and organizing programs to serve the people, run by the people. Our current programs include the ComeUnity Diaper Giveaway program, Spirit of Sankofa Scholarship, and coming soon the People's Protection. In unity, there is strength so join us, we're on a MOVE!


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“Willie Lynch” by Paul Robinson, Mental Emancipation Through Rap

Peace all you folks out in The Fields, We want to send a shout-out to everyone who made “From Slavery To… Slavery: The Black Experience In Images“ our most viewed article of 2013. With that, we want to introduce you to fan of music and hip-hop soldier  Paul Robinson aka PR. A devout Christian and man […]

Notes on Context & Perspective: Why Afrikan People Must Understand and Control Their Own

Context is everything. Context is what makes those lost in the bombing of American cities victims of terrorism while the innocent lost in drone strikes overseas are “necessary casualties.” They who control the context of any event in history ultimately control the public perception of said event both domestically and internationally. For example, let’s say […]